Meet John Habeeb, a 25 year old native of Northeast Pennsylvania. John is a lifelong athlete and professionally licensed trainer for fitness and nutrition. Fitness and nutrition have made a life changing experience for John and it can undoubtedly do the same for you! John first entered the world of fitness and nutrition as a young athlete in junior high school. John’s intense workouts at such a young age are what motivated him to begin a career with helping others cope with their fitness and diet struggles. John was the 2005 Lackawanna Football Conference Defensive Player of the Year, and recognized across the state as one of the elite football players of Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, after John’s freshman year of college, he suffered a broken neck and a ruptured disk that fragmented into his spinal cord. John was forced to undergo a 3 hour neck surgery, or else he may have never been able to get back to his physical lifestyle. Not only did this tragedy end John’s football career but it shattered his hopes of ever taking his game to the next level. With help of medical experts and proper training and nutrition habits, it wasn’t long before John made his comeback as an elite athlete. Since, John’s remarkable comeback he has accomplished many lifelong dreams; he has been published in Muscle and Fitness magazine, he has posed as a fitness model, competed in bodybuilding competitions, and won numerous body transformation contests.

No matter what your fitness goals are or what kind of physique you have, John can help you strive to reach new heights.

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